Toys and its brief history

What are toys?

A toy is an object to play with or something that provides amusement or fun. Toys are used primarily by children though some outdoor sports toys may also be marketed to different peoples. There are some children toys, which are produced primarily as collectors’ items which are intended for display only. The latest form of toys includes interactive digital entertainment and smart toys.

Material used

Different materials like wood, clay, paper, and plastic are used to make a toy. There are so many items that are designed to serve as a toy; some material made for the other purposes can also be used for making a toy. For example; a child may fold an ordinary piece of paper into an airplane shape and “fly it”. Most of the children play with whatever they can find, such as sticks, sand, and rocks.

Brief history about toys

Toys and games have been unearthed from the sites of ancient civilizations. Some of the oldest literature unearthed have written about it. The earliest toys for kids were made from a material which is found in nature, such as rocks, sticks, and clay. About thousands of years ago, some Egyptian children played with baby dolls that had wigs and movable limbs, and were made from small stones, pottery, and wood. Given their love of games, it is highly likely that the ancient Egyptians had children toys, but is exceptionally difficult to identify with certainty in the archaeological record.

In Pakistan, kid toys excavated from the Indus valley civilization included small carts, whistles shaped like birds, and toy monkeys, which could slide down with a string. Toys in Pakistan were mostly made of clay in animal, birds, transport and human design. Still in the villages in Pakistan toys are made with clay. In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome kids played with their toys and dolls that were made of wax or terracotta, sticks, bows and arrows, and yo-yos. When Greece kids, came of age, it was customary to sacrifice children toy to the gods.

The oldest known mechanical puzzle also came from the Greece and it appeared in the 3rd century BCE. The game consisted of a square divided into the 14 parts, and the aim of this toy for kids was to create the different shapes from these pieces. In Iran “puzzle-locks” were made as early as the 17th century (AD).

Small figurines and objects were found in tombs, which are usually interpreted as ritual objects. Those from settlements sites are more easily labeled as a toy. They were including balls of spring, and wooden models of animals with their movable parts.


Kid toys are an object of entertainment and fun, which has a very interesting history. Process of making a toy for kids and babies involves use of materials like wood, clay, plastic and others. Origin of toys can be traced from ancient world that existed thousands of years ago.


Playing with toys can be an enjoyable means of training for young children. Toys play a very crucial role in the upbringing of the character and in development of your child. As your child grows, he or she tries to stretch their good imaginations, and seek many multiple conclusions regarding how the various toys work. Playing with toys is an important part of their growing up stage and learning about the world around them. Providing your child toys presents them the first ever opportunity to explore and interact with this world.

Toy Key for Mental and Emotional Boost

A toy helps to boost the IQ level of a child and makes learning a fun experience for him. Toys help to improved concentration. It also promotes problem-solving skills of your kid. You can train and make a child a social being right at home. A educational toy helps children in the role of playing, understanding the emotions and developing empathy. It will put your child through various social situations that includes sharing, leading, bonding caring, waiting, etc. Playing with it, may also help the child to improve their emotional intelligence as they respond to emotions such as in an anger, laughter or sad state.

Advantages of Toys to Kids

A toy keeps your kids busy in productive activities and fosters physical, mental, social, and emotional developments. The brain of a kid is like a sponge, and the psychological development will haven during their early stage of childhood, or before they turn 7. It helps kids to learn through observation, which is a crucial part of their childhood, and it also, gives them a better and with more elaborate understandings of their world and their role within it. They also learn essential thinking skills that help them to be creative.

When the girls are playing with dolls and pretending to be mothers, they begin to understand that those surrounding them are independent. Playing with dolls may help the girl to improve their real-life skills, by dressing and undressing their dolls, baby girls learn to dress and undress themselves too.

Speaking of a toy, it improves kid’s vocabulary and their conventional skills. Even though that it seems like a toy is just for fun, it is a very valuable learning tool that helps to shape our kids for future.

Advantages of Toys to Babies

For our babies, a toy is not only more than just simple objects, also they are teachers, companions, and best friends that help guide them through this big and confusing world. Safe and stimulating toys, and playing opportunities, you give baby a chance of education that they need to move through childhood with happiness, confidence, and strength. No doubt, toys have a positive role when it comes to constructing a positive personality in your little one.

Remote Control Cars

What are Remote Control Cars?

Radio and remote control cars for kids, toddlers, or adults and trucks are cars controlled from some distances while employing a specialized transmitter or remotes. Radio control cars come in two basic forms: “toy” style cars or trucks. Once the remote control car toy receives the radio waves, the motor starts a specific action. The power source sends energy to all working parts, including the motor. The transmitter enables control through radio waves and the receiver activates the motors. Receiver identifies signals, sends it to circuit. The success of these RC cars is heavily dependent on their excellent features. These toys have won the hearts of many teenagers. Today’s children are mostly like to play with RC cars and are more focused on many types of RC cars. Example of Remote Control Cars.

Famous RC Cars

1) RC Racing Car

2) RC Monster Trucks

3) RC Stunt Car

4) RC Rock Crawler

1) RC Racing Car

RC racing car is used for racing and collecting. These cars are specially designed for races. Typically it’s four wheels and independent suspension involving a lower arm, upper arm control. The four-wheel-drive system is designed to facilitate drifting and also the chassis is modeled to run on flat surfaces, making this RC car suitable for on-road adventures only. In fact, this is the fastest on-road RC car type. Additionally, the RC racing car comes with two types of tires: foam tires or rubber tires. Most enthusiasts have a preference for rubber tires. These remote control cars for boys are very famous and children mostly liked this race car toy. They love to play with it. Example of RC Racing Car.

2) RC Trucks

RC trucks are amongst the popular kinds of remote control cars in the market. While they can run on-road, they’re quite slow and have a tendency to flip a lot at higher speeds. RC trucks’ specialty is off-road terrain. This sort of RC car is particularly good for you if you’re into challenging competitions or wish to drive mostly in woody or grassy terrains. RC trucks is further divided into two categories:

A. RC Short Course Truck: this RC truck can run on all kinds of terrain flat or rough. This type of truck is especially good for those enthusiasts who prefer to customize their RC cars. Overall, short course trucks are powerful, durable and versatile. The four wheels of this RC truck are protected by the bumpers and the shell of the truck, lending strength to its frame.

B. RC Monster Truck: This monster machine is one of the coolest-looking RC cars in the market. It a high-powered, all-terrain RC truck and is considered to be the most popular kind of RC car in the market. A typical off-road car, this truck can run on rough terrains like grass, dirt, sand dunes, and puddles, do all types of entertaining stunts and entertain you in your very own backyard. Example of a Monster Truck.

3) RC Stunt Car

RC Stunt Car has many features include rollover, skiing, jumping over obstacles and other jumps, head-on crash stunt, side collision, sliding, hit by a car, bootleg turn and other high-speed stunts. Stunt RC car is that the perfect gift for your children and also the family toy which is extremely portable to play with. It has many functions, double-sided stunt radio control car can go forward, backward, turn left, and right, extreme 360 degree tumbling, spins and flips onto land. Example of a Stunt Car.

4) RC Rock Crawler

These RC rock crawler machines are built to conquer terrains no other RC car can. Designed to move on rocks, mountains, and other rough terrains, these cars also move at the pace their other name suggests are ‘They Crawl’. Example of Rock Crawler.

Factors to Consider When Buying Online Toys for Children

Purchasing toys for children is a big responsibility for parents. Children have their individual choices, and as a parent, there are numerous elements to take care of. For many kids, life without toys seems incomplete. The biggest benefit of toys for kids is that it provides an opportunity to play when parents don’t play with them, or aren’t home. The child will experience engaging in fun activities and be happy. You can purchase toys online simply with a single tap in today’s world.

Purchase Toys according to the Interest of Your Child

You should keep an eye on your children’s interests. If your kid isn’t interested in weapons, and you bought some weapons and shooting-related toys, they will not even touch them. So purchase toys that will stimulate your kid’s interest and creativity. If your child is interested in drawing and paintin bring them a book with special pictures and colors. Provide them all kinds of colors and pictures so that they can happily design their creativity. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind while buying toys for your kid. Make sure that toys do not have any sharp corners or edges, as this may bring about severe injury.

Environmentally Friendly

Find information about the materials that are used in making the children toys and ensure that the toys are safe or environmentally friendly for your kids. If the toy is made from safe materials, then purchase it. Toddlers have a habit of putting toys or objects in their mouths. So if the toys are made of poisonous materials, like play dough, which is minimally made from toxic materials. If your child mistakenly eats them, it can be a bit harmful for your child.

The Right Toys at the Right Ages

Always read the label to make sure that the toy is suitable or age-appropriate for your child. Guidelines on toys can help you in deciding on making a purchase. Before buying a new children toy, consider your child’s age, personality, manners, and behavior. A kid will not play with those toys which are designed for younger kids.

Not Too Much Heavy Toys

It is very important to consider the weight of the children toy you’re going to give. Heavy toys may cause injuries or accidents later on, and children may not be able to utilize the toys well. Instead, purchase toys that their kid will completely or easily manage. This means the toy is easy to carry and easy to play with it. These are some of the factors you need to consider while buying toys for your children. Toys are also entertaining and educational, but they will also be unsafe when bought without precautions.

Shop at a Website You Know and Trust

When you’re-shopping online, always shop from famous and well-reputed companies or websites. A good website will likely have information in the product description or on other social media site. For safety, it is important to identify the dependable and secure sites. Protect your identification robbery or unsafe interactions online. Visit a website and check the opening and welcoming way and know right away that something is not right, that we’re about to be scammed.