Sound & Musical Toys for Kids

Because of the interactive nature of musical toys, children are naturally attracted to them. Sound and musical toys for kids can improve children’s patience and perseverance, and help them develop musical skills. Some popular sound and musical toys for one-year-olds include the piano, musical telescope, drum toys, kids’ guitars, musical remotes, musical parrots, car remote keys, and kids’ smartphones. These toys can offer an enriching and engaging playtime experience for young children.

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Apple Shape Music Learning Piano


Chimstar Baby Telescope Musical Toy


Electric Small Train Engine with Fish Buggy Rotate


Fun Rotating Music Orbit Snail


Huanger Baby Rattle Drum Toy


Huanger Dino Stacking Roly-Poly


Huanger Dynamic Kids Guitar


Huanger Funny Controller Musical Remote Toy


Huanger Game Handle


Huanger Music Bus with Xylophone & Matching Blocks


Huanger Musical Instrument Parrot for Kids


Huanger Musical Instrument Toy Crab


Huanger Smart Remote Car Key Baby Toy


Huanger Vocal Piano For Kids with Xylophone


Music Flash Drum Dynamic Lamplight With Songs


Musical Jazz Drum With Mike


Winfun Kids Smartphone Toy