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If your baby is a genius with a creative mind, you are in the right place. The Bachon Ki Dunya team brings you the most affordable LEGO bricks in Pakistan. Engineering-minded kids can build these blocks very quickly, and that’s how their confidence will likely increase. All LEGO products are of high quality and can be shipped anywhere in Pakistan. Order these Lego and engineering toys now before their stock runs out.

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Children Blocks Bucket 170 PCS


Children Building Blocks Bucket 110 PCS


Children Constructional Blocks Bucket 35 PCS


COGO Girls Lego House 319 PCS


COGO Girls Lego Water Park 423 PCS


Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks


Hedgehog Soft Interlocking Building Blocks For Kids


Huanger Baby First Blocks 16 PCS


Junior Construction Mechanics Blocks 415 PCS


Kids Engineer Toolset Backpack for Kids 31 pcs


London Big Ben – Elizabeth Tower Bricks LARGE 1642 PCS


Magnetic Construction Blocks Educational Toy (2 Sizes)

 1,450 1,850

Slideway Building Blocks 158 PCS


WANGE Burj Al Arab Building Blocks 1336 PCS


WANGE F1 Racing Car La-Ferrari Building Blocks


WANGE London Big Ben – Elizabeth Tower Bricks SMALL 891 PCS


WANGE London Bridge Building Bricks LARGE 1052 PCS


WANGE London Bridge Building Bricks SMALL 969 PCS


WANGE Patronas Twin Towers Building Bricks 1173 PCS


WANGE Pyramids Of Giza Building Bricks 622 PCS


WANGE Racing Car Das-Mercedes AMG GT3 Blocks


WANGE Racing Car Le-Ferrari GT2 Building Blocks


WANGE Super Car Mc-Laren Senna Building Bricks


WANGE Taj Mahal Building Bricks 1503 PCS


WANGE The Empire State Building Bricks 1995 PCS


WANGE The London Eye Learning Building Bricks 1528 PCS