Barbie & Doll Houses

Barbie dolls and dollhouses are classic toys available on Bachon Ki Dunya that have been enjoyed by children for generations. Babies are fashion dolls that are the most popular girls’ toys. A dollhouse is a small replica of a house designed for decoration and play. Barbie & doll houses are both great toys that encourage imagination and creativity.

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360 Degree Little Princess Balance Hoverboard


ANNA Little Princess Doll


Awesome DEFA LUCY Mermaid


Awesome Dessert Singing Doll (Loves to Sing)


Baby So Lovely


Beautiful Stuffed Pink Fancy Doll 32″


COGO Girls Lego House 319 PCS


COGO Girls Lego Water Park 423 PCS


Curly Hair Doll 18″ (Stuffed Toy)


DEFA LUCY Doll With Modern Kitchen Set


DEFA LUCY Doll With Outfits


DEFA LUCY Dress Up Beautiful Girl


Elsa & Anna Fashion II


Happy Girl Doll


RAPUNZEL Little Princes Doll


Snow Lolina Singer Doll


SNOW WHITE Little Princess Doll