Intex Rainbow Ring Kids Play Centre


♥  P A C K A G E   C O N T E N T 

1 x Pool   │ 1 x Repair Patch

♥  F E A T U R E S 

  • Small and Large Pool with 65 and 54 Gallons
  • Water Sprayer
  • Water Slide
  • Ball Roller
  • 4 Inflatable Rings
  • 6 Colorful Balls
  • Slide with Landing Pad
  • Age 2 to 8 Years
  • Drain Plug

♥  D E S C R I P T I O N

Because of digitalization, kids prefer to stay in their homes, and play games on digital gadgets. Digital devices have made them so much addicted to it that they don’t know the meaning of outside play. Show them the real adventure and bring Inflatable Rainbow Ring Play Centre for them.
Find them outside next morning, waiting for you to set it up in 5 minutes with air pump. Inflatable rainbow ring pool brings 4 fun games for children to enjoy outside in their own garden. Ball rolling game, see how ball rolls and bounces in the pool. Ring tossing game, aim the hanging poll and count the number of successful throw. Toss the ball, throw six available balls inside the fixed inflatable ring and improve your aiming skills. Bounce the ball, with maximum strength throw the ball in this inflatable rainbow pool and see the bounces level.

♥  O R D E R  |  D E L I V E R Y    N O T E S

  • Delivery charges are based over product weight
  • Product weight is approximate
  • The original product color and picture may differ
  • Non-assembled
  • COD across Pakistan
  • 2-4  days across Karachi
  • 3-6  days across Pakistan
  • Urgent delivery for additional charges (Call/WhatsApp)
  • Order pickup by appointment only (Call/WhatsApp)

Call / WhatsApp:  03222100005

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Additional information

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