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The must-have collection of educational and exciting toys for young scientists is now available. Explore the wonders of science and engineering with hands-on projects that inspire creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Solar energy and robots: Teach your kids about renewable energy sources by helping them build their own solar-powered robots. Kit: Volcano Eruptions Investigate the explosive power of volcanoes and learn about geology and earth science. Water Filtration Science Set: Learn the fundamentals of clean water and the important role it plays in our daily lives. Plant Growth Experiment, Kit: Grasp the concepts of photosynthesis, plant anatomy, and botany with this educational and fun kit. Pretend Doctor’s Set: Give your little ones the tools they need to imagine and explore the world of medicine. Bubble Machine Experiment: Conduct exciting and educational experiments with bubbles and learn about the science behind them. Get your kids on the fast track to a successful future with these amazing scientific discovery toys! Order yours today!

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4 in 1 Surprise Dental Clinic 40 PCS


Built Robot With Tin Can BASICS


Children Scientific Toy Electronic Organ Basics


Chimstar Baby Telescope Musical Toy


Explore & Find Enviro Battery BASICS


Explore Volcano Eruption BASICS


Explore Water Science Kit BASICS


Grow A Maze Plant BASICS


Grow Amazing Crystal BASICS


Kids Electronic Blocks Generator


Kids Science Experiment Electromagnetism Basics


Little Doctor Kids Pretend Playset 15 PCS


Rocket Powered by Green Energy BASICS


Science Experiment Bubble Machine


Scientific Toy The Human Body – Large


Scientific Toy The Human Body – Small


Small Science for Little Hands 10 Experiments


Solar Powered Robot Science Toy